Testimonies from past volunteers

Testimonies from past volunteers

Some of our past volunteers share some words about their experiences volunteering for Bristol Nightline.

“Being a volunteer for Nightline at university was undoubtedly the most rewarding experience I had during my time as a student. It was so lovely to be able to make such a difference to the student community and help them in their time of need. I had the privilege of meeting some incredible people and forming lasting friendships through my involvement with Bristol Nightline. I only wish I had joined as a volunteer sooner. I would highly recommend volunteering with Bristol Nightline to anyone who is even slightly considering it.”

Amy (Listening Volunteer April 2022-June 2023)

“Volunteering at Nightline as a publicity volunteer, listening volunteer and then external coordinator has been an absolute pleasure! You have so much control over what you can do to continually improve the society as both a listening volunteer and coordinator, and it provides valuable skills in leadership, communication, resilience and empathy that would be hard to gain elsewhere. I have felt incredibly lucky to engage with the service users, and supported by the community of volunteers who are always so considerate and kind!”


I have absolutely loved being a listening volunteer at Nightline throughout my time at uni! Its been a privilege to meet so many amazing and lovely volunteers on shift and, whilst it’s often been tiring and I don’t always make it through the next day without a nap, it’s so worth it knowing that we can be there for other students when they just need someone to listen. I’m sad to be leaving and wish I could keep it up post-uni. It’s such a great service to be a part of! 10/10 recommend!