What is Bristol Nightline?

Bristol Nightline offers a confidential, impartial and non-advisory listening and information service. We don’t lecture or judge our callers, our job is to listen and help them reach their own conclusions.

Whether you want to talk about something that’s upsetting you or one of your friends, or want some information of any kind, Nightline is here to listen. No problem is too big or too small.

Opening times:

  • The phone service is available 8pm to 8am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 01179 266 266
  • The IM service is available 8pm to 12am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (the link can be found on the ‘services’ tab of this website)

Volunteer with us!

We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help us keep our service running. Types of volunteers include listening volunteers, publicity volunteers and welfare officers. Listening volunteers answer calls and IMs, they form the bulk of our workforce. Publicity volunteers raise awareness, fundraise, campaign and help run our social media. Welfare officers check-in on our volunteers, so that everyone has support.

Apply to be a listening volunteer:

When listening applications are shut, you can register your interest here:

Apply to join the publicity team as a publicity volunteer:

Apply to join the welfare team as a welfare officer:

Apply to join the facilities team as a facilities officer:

Apply to join the training team as a training officer:

Struggling? Call Nightline on 01179 266 266 (8pm-8am) or use our instant messaging service (8pm-12pm) below – specific opening days can be viewed on the ‘services’ tab at the top of this webpage

Note: Sometimes we face unexpected delays, but we always open IM for 4 hours at a time and usually no later than 8:15

A ‘start chat’ link will appear below when IM services are open:

This service is currently closed, please check back again later.
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