Q: Is the service confidential?

Yes, Nightline is a confidential service. It is very important to us that we don’t disclose any information about the callers or the content of our calls.

However, there are a few exceptional circumstances in which our volunteers would be required to disclose information:

  1. If the caller specifically asks the volunteer to disclose information (for example, if the caller requests assistance from the emergency services)
  1. If there is reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of being abused.
  1. If the caller discloses information about an act of terrorism or a bomb threat.
  1. If we receive a call which meets ALL of the following criteria:
  • The caller is feeling suicidal
  • The caller has stated that they have immediate plans to end their life
  • The caller has shared their location with the volunteer
  • The caller later becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time

Under these circumstances, the volunteer may contact the emergency services on behalf of the caller. To reiterate, this would only ever be done if ALL of the above criteria were met.

  1. In the case of a court order

Q: Is the service anonymous?

Yes, Nightline is an anonymous service. We want everyone to feel comfortable using the service and to protect the identity of everyone involved.

Q: Who calls Nightline?

Our service is aimed at students who may be struggling with a variety of things. This could include University life, home life, sexuality, mental health, relationships, suicidal thoughts – no problem is too big or too small. If you are feeling distressed about anything and would like someone to listen please give us a call.

Q: When can I call up?

Bristol Nightline is open every night of term between 8pm and 8am on 01179 266 266.

Alternatively, you can contact us through our new instant messaging service which is open every night of term between 8pm and 12am.

If we ever happen to be closed we will let you know through our Facebook page.

Calls are charged at your standard network rate and our instant messaging service is free to use for anyone with access to the internet.

Q: Why are you non advisory?

Our volunteers are trained to listen and to help you talk through whatever is on your mind. Our volunteers are not trained to give advice, instead we try to help you reach your own conclusions. However, Bristol Nightline is also an information service, so we can signpost you to other services if you request.

Q: Nightline is closed! Where else can I go?

Good question! There are many other great services that you can talk to, these include The Samaritans and Mindline.

Q: Who are the volunteers?

Bristol Nightline is run by students, for students. All our volunteers are current students at the University of Bristol and they all undergo extensive training to help run the service.

Q: Can I volunteer?

Yes! We are always looking for new volunteers for Bristol Nightline. The service wouldn’t be able to run without our phenomenal volunteers. If you are a student in Bristol and are interested in volunteering with us please contact nightline.coordinator@gmail.com for more information.

Q: Why should I volunteer with Nightline?

Volunteering at Bristol Nightline can be a really rewarding experience. For more information look at our volunteering page.

Q: If I donate, where does my money go?

We are a charity, our money goes to maintaining and improving our service in addition to providing our volunteers with the best training possible.